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Geothermal Soaking

Geothermal Soaking

The Way to Inner Harmony
with Geothermal Soaking

Our geothermal soaks offer a holistic remedy for recharging your energy after a stressful week. The all-natural thermal baths are rich in silica, iron, and antioxidants your body needs for a refreshing, rejuvenated start.

A 20-minute soak at one of our spacious geothermal destinations can help you relieve inflammation, plump up the skin and calm the nervous system.

 It provides the perfect way to detox your skin naturally while relaxing in a serene ambiance. For the stress-melting, skin-replenishing bliss of a self-care retreat, blend complimentary face masks and guided stretches into your daily thermal bath.

 Don’t let your tight schedule keep you from this one-of-a-kind experience with our nightly reservations. Our thoughtfully located baths allow you to experience an incredible view of the night sky and stargaze all night long.