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Lifestyle Counseling

Lifestyle Counseling

Whether you are worried about your unhealthy diet, relationships, or unmanageable stresses of life, Anavrin retreat offers personalized support and attention to everyone.

With in-depth audits and questioning, our therapists can help you bring clarity and focus, so you are better prepared to deal with your daily
stressors. We believe in helping without judging and creating realistic growth plans and milestones to make your goals achievable.

Our Counseling Services


Nutritional Coaching

Our expert nutritionists and therapists will help you find the motivation, focus, and guidance you need to maintain healthy eating habits. If you feel like you have lost the motivation to continue a prescribed diet and struggle to maintain optimal health, our therapists can help you reawaken your spirits with effective behavioral changes. Personal goals of gaining or losing weight and achieving your dream body are also supported and made easier with personalized exercise and nutrition plans.

Stress Management

The daily stressors of city life and a demanding job can be hard to manage on your own. At Anavrin retreat, we believe in helping through the cultivation of mindfulness, relaxation, and a positive atmosphere. Our therapists and career coaches allow you to design an effective and realistic plan after reviewing your current situation. With an insightful review of your family, career, or school life, we can provide you with the strategies and motivation you need to effectively manage your time without giving up on your social life.

Career and Personal Development

Whether it’s a career change or a stressful job that is overwhelming you, our experienced career coaches are here to provide personalized support and advice. Accountability can play an important role in maintaining a new behavioral or lifestyle change. We focus on providing the motivation, sense of accountability, and empowering milestones you need to grow in your career and achieve new heights of personal accomplishments. Our guests continually benefit from a renewed sense of direction, refined goals, and uplifted energy levels they previously lacked to excel at their jobs and career.