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Capacity: 1-2 persons
Size: medium size luxury trailer

For couples who share the best moments in life together or those with grown-up kids, the Presidential Chalet is a combination of imposing size, ultimate privacy, and a private pool

Capacity: 2-5 persons
Size: 132m2 set on a 350 sqm private dune

For couples who share the best moments of life together, some with grown up kids, the Presidential Chalet is a lifestyle celebration that offers imposing size, ultimate privacy, an

Capacity: 2-4 persons
Size: 106 sqm set on a 300 sqm private dune

For those who prefer a life of solace, or are looking forward to the consummate mating of souls, the honeymoon chalet is perfectly set at the salt lake. Watch the sun rise through

Capacity: 4-6 persons
Size: Twin Chalets (56 sqm each) set on a 500 – 700 sqm private dune

Twin inverted shell-shaped chalets on private dunes offer premium settings, optimum privacy and exotic views, designed for those who enjoy vacationing with friends & Family. Wa

Capacity: 2-3 persons
Size: 25 sqm with Private parking and garden (25-30 sqm)

Ogles, are harmonious, self-contained units that harvest solar energy to generate electricity, recycle water and human waste, in pursue of a future where human carbon footprint wil