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Coliseum Sports Bar & Restaurant

Coliseum Sports Bar


Bring your hat along with you to the Coliseum sports bar. In-house competitive events, such as horse racing, maze running, or conventional sports are telecast live, covered by sophisticated day/night cameras. Additionally, all popular international sports events are cast live on a multitude of indoor and outdoor screens, creating an electric atmosphere throughout the day, going deep into the night. With an innovative architectural design, the Coliseum allows you to ‘Watch the event’ or ‘Be the event’ with equal grace and poise. Non-commercial punting is encouraged. Inspired by ancient Roman & Greek Auditoriums, patrons enjoy uninterrupted views through the ‘step down’ platforms as horses gallop by, or men (and women) of mettle challenge each other, racing or testing their endurance capabilities through the dirt track. The Coliseum also has an outdoor screen and a dance floor, to make the evening enthralling and exciting. Platform seats allow for higher privacy and ‘me time, all of which contribute to a healthier lifestyle.