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Film Shooting Location

Film Shooting Location

Getting Married at Anavrin

Having a clean, well-lit photoshoot space where you and your team can remain productive is essential. Anavrin retreat offers an all-rounder experience with access to all amenities and tech equipment you may need during your much-important project.

Our in-house team of interior designers, event planners, and floral designers offers all clients the freedom to design and manage their space as wanted. All photoshoot venues are conveniently located near our signature retreat rooms, so you and your team can stay close to your workspace at all times.


With our wide variety of venue sizes, you can keep your project within the desired budget and avoid paying for the excessive space you don’t need. We are committed to providing the highest levels of courtesy and support to all our clients, and imagination is your only limitation when designing your dream space

Select from indoor or outdoor locations that come with different themes and views so you can keep the space in good contrast with the overall style of your project.