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Never miss a day at the gym and maintain your regular workout routine when far away from home. Our high-tech, fully-equipped fitness centers and activities offer a personalized experience for both beginners and fitness freaks.

At Anavrin retreat, you will get access to the best lifting and training equipment along with personalized training assistance.

Whether your goal is to start a new fitness journey, improve strength or simply release stress, we have something special for everyone. Anavrin Retreat offers an extensive range of hassle-free fitness programs that are also enjoyable..

Our fitness specialists and instructors would love to work with you to devise a personalized fitness and well-being plan that matches your needs.

Special Offer

We love to provide the highest level of courtesy and hospitality to all our guests. For your first booking, we offer free introductory sessions for all our fitness and yoga classes. 

You can also book training sessions and private assistance with our expert trainers at discounted prices. Simply book a reservation by calling our customer service or let our management know once you’re at the retreat.

Fitness Farm

Our fitness farm is more than just a gym and place to work out. We have designed it to motivate people at all stages of their fitness journey. With a calming environment, custom playlists, and group sessions, our guests are able to enjoy the full experience of a committed fitness community.

Professional trainings

Never worry about giving up on a day of training when going on a vacation again. We have professional fighters, athletes, and coaches to keep you motivated and engaged even during a busy vacation.

Dietary Fitness Advisory

A great fitness routine needs a great dietary plan. We understand that maintaining good nutrition that matches your training and exercise needs can be difficult. At Anavarin retreats, we focus on providing a well-rounded experience to fitness without compromising any aspect.

Enlightening Yoga

The perfect restoration plan to let go of all the stresses in the world. Our light and mindful yoga sessions will help you regain the balance of a healthy body and mind.

Defy Aging Naturally

Antiaging is more than just proactive skin care. We help you maintain your youth inside and outside by working on a cellular level. With our heart-rate-based training programs, you will get personalized assistance on a journey of improved health and well-being.

Future Gym

As a tech-forward company, we aim to provide the latest in fitness equipment as well. To provide better personalization, our gym will offer customizable treadmills with screens for a more immersive experience. Review the upcoming equipment and tech on our Discover More page. 

Climbing Walls

Get a more immersive and exciting wall climbing experience with our amazing route setters, climbing instructors, and quirky wall designs.