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MICE Venue

MICE Venue

The Place for Meetings, Conferences & Seminars

Anavrin Retreat is all about providing an all-rounder solution to your event needs so you can remain focused on the business side. We have an in-house team of top interior designers, event planners, floral designers, and photographers to ensure that your high-stake events run perfectly.

To keep the guests engaged, we feature a wide range of indoor and outdoor sports and entertainment facilities. Whether you need a spacious conference room for meetings or a fun and entertaining venue for your employees to hang out, we offer a personalized experience for all your needs.

Annual Corporate Events

Relax and sit back as our best-in-class event planners, decorators, and customer service staff take care of every aspect of the event.

Team Building Sports

Keep your employees engaged with their teams and different departments of the company with our wide range of friendly sports.

Award Ceremonies

Enjoy our luxurious, all-exclusive venues designed specifically for high-stake business events and company celebrations.

Special Items Sales Venue

Our adaptable and highly customizable auction venues are designed to provide a distraction-free, professional experience for every event

Official Team Stay Venue

We offer the most exclusive staying destinations for hardworking teams looking for some privacy and quiet time.

Incentive Events at Anavrin


Delight your employees or stun your business partners with our world-class venues built to impress. We strive to deliver a premium experience that goes beyond any client’s expectations.

With delightful eateries ranging from exquisite three-course meals to savory quick bites, it’s our promise to keep your guests pleased at all times. With Anavrin Retreat, your events will boast new heights of excitement, entertainment, and graciousness.


We make your events marvelous with not just the incredible array of activities and Retreats but also the customization we can do for you. Every company has its unique image, and we dedicate ourselves to creating events that reflect and complement that image.