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Anavrin Equestrian Retreat and Sports Club

Off Grid Living Experience

Private Parking

Room Size : 25 sqm

Private Garden : 25-30 sqm

Ogles, are harmonious, self-contained units that harvest solar energy to generate electricity, recycle water and human waste, in pursue of a future where human carbon footprint will be net-zero. Every guest staying at the Ogle commits to being mindful of nature, co-existence and sharing with other animals and birds.


An Ode to Discovery



As far as possible each ingredient in every restaurant is sourced locally, produced are the retreat or directly imported from its origin, with the zeal to offer mouth watering culinary delights that are fresh, tasty, and healthy.

Full board options

Opt for a Full board or all inclusive package. Enjoy breakfast ,lunch, drinks and dinner with premium sitting at the various locations within or outside, that are designed to please and impress.


Enjoy live entertainment and performances by our artists, or be apart of live competitions, sports & games. Or just watch premium sports at the 'Big Outdoors'@ the Coliseum throughout the year.

Plunge or pool

Chalets offer shared or private plunge pools for these that love their 'tubs' outside. For the more sporty and soical,enjoy a drink as you 'rake laps 'in the 'all weather cool 'at The Hub'.

Jose's Bar

Mocktails and cocktail are an equal delight at the home of our founding chief, 'Jose's Bar'. Get a taste of Spanish twists concocted by our own sammelier,or request to curate 'your own poison'. Custom created by our world class mixologists.

Guided Tours

Explore Ras Al Khaimah. Enjoy pristine beaches, trek the mountains ,take a history class of surrounding areas, or just go camping in the desert or in the Hajar Mountains. Seasoned tour guides and our own trained staff, available upon request, will ensure every experience is tailor made to suite your style, with family, friends, or solo.

Authentic Place for the Best Memories

A retreat with everything for the perfect vacation. Freshly sourced food, relaxing treatments, tailored fitness and wellness courses. Experience a life-changing holiday. You deserve it.


Discover A Place Where Magic Starts

Create life long memories in one of the most peaceful and beautiful cities in the Middle East

Spa moments

Relaxing Moments at Our Spa Center

Get all relaxing with our wonderful Spa Centre services and have the tranquility you deserve.

Thermal water with ancient baths

Therapeutic Healing

Ayurvedic Healing

Relax and therapy massage



Off Grid Living Experience (Ogle) Amenities

Common for All

Retreat Amenities