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Our Rooms


Each of the Chalets, Ogles, and tents are distinct, luxury glamping-styled residences for the free-living, nature-loving guests. Some of the important aspects that define our offerings include:

  • Small dogs are welcome. Some friendly breeds such as trained German Shepherds, Retrievers might be welcome. Please check and confirm before booking. However, since there are reserved tents for human-dog co-habitat, advance information is desirable.
  • Guests are responsible for the behavior of their pets. Ill-mannered pets will need to be with a leash or indoors at all times.
  • Horses are welcome, but the property must be alerted in advance so proper arrangements can be made.
  • Animals have the right of way at the resort. Guests are expected to let animals pass if they are in the way. Please maintain distance with the animals. Not all of them are friendly.
  • Children under 12 are not allowed at the resort. This is for their own safety.
  • Guests allergic to animals must note that the property offers animal-free rooms (Similar to non-smoking rooms). However, animals and birds might pay you a visit while at the property.
  • Anyone engaging in disturbing behavior or cruelty to animals will be requested to leave the resort, in the interest of other guests.
  • Electric Vehicles and trikes are available for guest usage during the stay and maybe chauffeur driven or self-driven at the discretion of the management.
  • Maze challenges can be claustrophobic for some.
  • Sports and competitions held at the premise are ‘amateur only’, aiming to contribute towards the healing and recovery of the human soul.


Off Grid Living

Room Size : 25 sqm

Private Parking

Private Garden : 25-30 sqm

Ogles, are harmonious, self-contained units that harvest solar energy to generate electricity, recycle water and human waste, in pursue of a future where human carbon footprint will be net-zero. Every guest staying at the Ogle commits to being mindful of nature, co-existence and sharing with other animals and birds.



Premium Settings

Twin Chalets

Room Size : 56 sqm

500–700 sqm private dune

4 - 6 Persons

exquisite experience

Honeymoon Chalets

Room Size : 106 sqm

300 sqm private dune

2 - 4 Persons

Lifestyle Celebration

Presidential Chalets

Room Size : 350 sqm

132 sqm private dune

2 - 5 Persons

KoKo Cabanas

Mobile Caravan

Room Size : 10 sqm

Medium Size Trailer

1 - 2 Persons

For couples who share the best moments in life together or those with grown-up kids, the Presidential Chalet is a combination of imposing size, ultimate privacy, and a private pool. Set at a junction point between the two lakes, the Presidential Chalet is a celebration of your lifestyle. Enjoy the serenity of contras