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Road Trip into the Hajar Mountains

Road Trip Into the Hajar Mountains

An experience of a lifetime, Anavrin takes you on a journey into the heart of eastern UAE and through its mountains.

We are focused on exploring the Hajar Mountains to give you an experience of the Lifetime.

We welcome you to come with us to the world’s most spectacular mountain range.You are invited to join us on a road trip into the Hajar Mountains. From the highest peaks to the most isolated valleys, we will explore this beautiful mountain range and its people.

We specialize in creating unique experiences that highlight local culture, traditions and history by taking our guests through some of the best off-road trails available anywhere.


Traveling to springs is always fun and refreshing. Anavrin help you visit the most beautiful beaches around UAE with your loved ones.

A retreat experience to be lived. At the Khat springs, you can dig your hands into the sand and wade through warm waters of the Arabian Sea. You can enjoy a serene moment listening to the sound of waves beating on the shore or take a plunge into waters filled with life.

The possibilities are endless at this one-of-a-kind destination that offers a variety of experiences from water sports to bird watching.