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Special Feature

For a Most Enjoyable Stay

Anavrin give you the freedom to go anywhere in the UAE. At our Hotel, we believe life is too short to wait in line.

With us you can book Caravans and drive to Breathtaking locations at any time. Anavrin let you experience your vacation on your terms.

Bonfire Bonanza

The dreamy experience of enjoying a live bonfire under the stars filled the sky with your loved ones.

Boabdil’s Lair

Dive into the centuries-old Spanish-themed architecture taking you back into the era of pure class

Stable Garden

Nothing better than running barefoot on stable and green grass. Brings back so many childhood memories.

Fish Farming

Anavrin cater to your Luxurious needs. Our hotel provides the unique opportunity to enjoy fish farming. We provide a variety of fish types and sizes so you can have the freshest food at any time you want.

The Hub

At Anavrin we offer a genre of games that combines strategy and puzzle like The hub.

Anavrin is a hotel that offers the most enjoyable stay. It is located at the city center and offers many amenities like pool, spa, horse riding and free WiFI

From the moment you check-in to the time you check-out, we make sure that our expert staff is there to cater to your needs.

Anavrin Specialities


We want you to feel special and experience the love that goes into every meal that’s served in our restaurant. We collect the best recipes of Arabic cuisines at one place to serve you with a better experience.

You will be able to find all your favorite dishes in our hotel and even discover new ones. We at Anavrin, the most delicious Arabic Cuisines. Our menu includes Shawarma, Falafel, Kebabs, Arabic Breads and much more.

Anavrin offers delicious Arabic and Middle Eastern cuisines. From the best bakeries, restaurants, cafes and food trucks in your city to the most exclusive dishes from the Arab World, you will find everything you need on Anavrin..

Let’s start with a good talk over our delicious meals and enjoy every bite of it.