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Stay at Anavrin and you will have plenty of ways to keep yourself entertained. We offer 13 sports activities so you have no excuse to be bored.


A Perfect Place for Sports

With more than 50 sports and sightseeing activities for every guest, we provide an adventure of a lifetime. Whether you’re a beginner or an extreme sports enthusiast, our tour guides and coaches will help you find the perfect outdoor and indoor activity for your needs.

At Anavrin Retreat, stunning views and scenic fields are just the beginning. We strive to provide an all-rounder experience that allows our guests to integrate a wide range of sports into their daily routines.


From traditional sports to exquisite scenic tours, our activities are purposefully designed to keep your energy levels up at all times. Here, you can engage in the extreme hiking trails or relax by the pool all day without missing out on the vacation fun.

All our sports and outdoor activities include a touch of the emirate experience so you can stay connected with the city and build unforgettable memories.


Keep cool while staying on top of your game with our indoor badminton courts.

Lawn Tennis

Experience the hidden history and tradition of lawn tennis with authentic grass courts and all-natural fields.

Padel Tennis

A retreat for the entire family, our padel tennis is the perfect way to keep active while on vacation.


Experience the most immersive and rejuvenating swimming experiences with our family-friendly pools.


Don’t let a vacation keep you away from your passion of football. Maintain your daily sports activities with our spacious basketball courts and professional equipment.

Putting Golf Course

Discover an unobtrusive and all-natural environment to hone your golfing skills with our professionally designed putting golf courses.

UTV & ATV Rides

Explore more of the city with both off-roading and scenic sightseeing tours. All our UTV and ATV tours come with expert tour guides to help you see the most interesting things

Hiking & climbing

We offer the most engaging tropical trails for beginners and seasoned hikers alike. With professional tour guides, uncover a world of tropical adventure unlike any other.

Fishing Hunting

The favorite getaway of any parent, our fishing and hunting experiences offer a memorable way to bond with your children.

Running & Desert Walking

Our running and walking trails through some of the most iconic landmarks allow everyone to explore the city at their own pace.

Mountain biking

Experience the scenic views from the top while keeping active with our thoughtfully routed biking trails.

Fun Sports at Anavrin


We understand that traditional sports and activities are not for everyone. Some people want the vibrancy and more spontaneity in their sports experiences.

We have curated a wide selection of light yet fun sports perfect for those who would rather not run or hike.

Inflatable Bumper Soccer

One of our most popular activities, inflatable bumper soccer, brings plenty of laughs and fun memories for everyone.

Garden Chess

Larger than life garden chess helps you compete with one of your Grand Master friends with a twist.

Inflatable Bowling

Inflatable bowling is just like traditional bowling, with the exception of being much harder to win at.

Dice the Garden Ludu

Make your everyday picnics more fun with our life-size Garden Ludu. Bring it to the scenic fields of the Retreat or keep your kids engaged during a garden party for a stress-free experience.

Human Table Football

Never make anyone feel left out again with our wide range of foosball tables. A game for two or many, our foosball table offers the perfect activity for a large group of people

Angry Bird Real

What if we tell you that at our Hotel you will be able to see the Angry Bird in real life? Come and see for yourself how this beautiful creature looks in real life

Field Billiard

Don’t let your passion for the pool take a break when away from home. Get the most immersive, world-class gaming experience with our field billiard rooms.

Inflatable Soccer Dart

The ultimate crossover between soccer and darts, our giant inflatable dart is the perfect activity to experience something new and quirky.