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Sunset on Jebel Jais

Sunset on Jebel Jais

Experiences the Sun set

The beauty and diversity of Ras Al-Khaimah will never cease to amaze anyone. The beautiful mountain range of Jebel Jais is a clear example of this.

Considering your evident admiration for the mountain range, Anavrin has included a fun-packed trip down the mountain range for you to enjoy.

Hailed as the sun tower of the Middle East, tourists from around the globe visit Jebel Jais for the breathtaking sunset view.

The diving sun is shining brightest for one final time before finally getting behind the curtain of massive mountains. A scene that hardly any one of us can forget.


Our trips to Jebel Jais include the breathtaking sunset view watching as long as you are willing to stay there with us. We have reserved spots for this outing so you can enjoy every lasting moment of the sunset.

The dying light of the sun for the day is something that has a deep poetic meaning in it. Throughout the ages, poets have been incredibly fascinated by this panorama. The mention of this daily ritual is found in poetry and history books dating hundreds of years back.

The mountain range is not restricted to the beautiful and majestic mountain tops alone. From desert grounds to freshwater pools, Jebel Jais is the epitome of what Ras Al-Khaimah has to offer.