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Zipline Down Jebel Jais’ Slope

Zipline Down Jebel Jais's Slope

Enjoy Zipline Down

This is the beauty of the UAE. From centuries-old sites to modern-day adventures, there is so much to explore during your visit here.

Anavrin makes sure that our guests enjoy both aspects of the Middle East. To boost your adventurous spirit, we don’t think there’s a better option than a zipline ride down Jebel Jais.

Some of you might have backed out by mentioning Zipline alone/ We assure you, Anavrin is personally linked with the ride facilitators to provide exceptional services.

Our specific packages include such amazing trips on your visit to Ras Al-Khaimah. You can personalize your experience with the zipline ride as well. The staff down there is audited and trained by the government of UAE itself.

According to our gathered statistics, the zipline ride in Jebel Jais is something tourists from around the globe come to experience specifically.

You get the chance of going down the slope of Jebel Jais with a zipline. The ride covers the distance between consecutive mountains throughout the range before reaching the bottom.

Going down with the mountain range of Jais surrounding you is breathtaking. It feels like taking a ride down the historical lane from the point where Jebel Jais came into existence to the modern-day world.